A low-tech system for making bio-char.

I have an idea to produce bio-char by pyrolysis of fast growing bamboo, with the help of concentrated solar power. The product can be used as soil amendment, for water purification or just for carbon sequestering. There is also a by-product of wood gas that can be used for cooking or producing electricity (when it's time to move on from low-tech).

This might not seem to have a great impact on climate change, but I can see that news of the big advantages from using bio-char will soon spread, and since it's so simple that most farmers in Africa can construct these systems themselves, the number of users can accelerate quickly.

If we have reliable institutions to quantify the bio-char produced, the farmers can also be payed by people/countries who want to compensate for their carbon footprint.




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Feedback Dynamics


Timescale and scaleability





Peter Stenberg

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