AiR Academy (Augmented Intelligence Realisation)

Location : La Herradura, Spain; A shoreline Coastal/Tourism Town in the Almunecar municipality of the Granada province.

Intervention : AiR Academy (Augmented Intelligence Realisation); We seed a SiP by transforming a dedicated preexisting space within the local school(s) environment, equipped with industrial-grade aligned Desktop/Home 3D Printer(s), Plastic Waste Shredder-Granulator & Filament Maker, supported with access to Raspberry PI educational resources.



School(s), Municipal, local proprietors, native community


Trigger (intervention)

( Year 1 ) - Introduce 3D Printing & Recycle Workshops, formalise self-sustaining / long-term operations in collaboration with local municipal services and local proprietors.
( Year 2 ) - Implement Long-Term infrastructure whilst simultaneously sharing and assisting the first phase implementation with neighbouring towns either side of La Herradura (Salobrena & Nerja); catalysing a bi-directional feedback-loop spanning Spains coastal towns.



We engage the core social-political & economical systems, collaboratively aligned through local municipal operations, local education & the spectrum of community dynamics by providing both a practically & financially realistic community project that offers a modest starting-point with the potential to accelerate knowledge for the delivery of solutions that behold vast impactful alterations upon the core experiential aspects of human-behaviour that exacerbate the complexity of Climate Change.


Feedback Dynamics

We generate an ethical framework that amplifies a guiding philosophy for Global Solutions Within Community Dynamics and make an immediate impact by 1) vastly reducing plastic-waste that is discarded despite entering the recycling process, 2) reducing the amount of plastic incineration, and 3) increasing the volume of recycled plastics at the source of consumption.


Timescale and scaleability

We provide a robust foundation that is optimised for immediate implementation within a framework that offers diverse scalability and can be quickly nurtured and formalised with long-term self-sustaining community operations whilst simultaneously catalysing a chain reaction for the replication of the project to fluently propagate throughout the entirety of Spains shoreline coastal populations.





Nicholas Timms

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