BGreen, a green behavior profiling application

You can remember the days that all the news on the TV was just about Koalas in Australia. You probably tried some of the ways to reduce plastic waste or to be more friendly with the planet, but it is hard to maintain these actions and make them a habit. Besides, you may think that you cannot change anything because you are not powerful! We experienced these situations and came with an idea called BGreen which beliefs in small actions with big impacts. We believe that significant changes are the result of small changes.
BGreen is a mobile application, which profiles green behaviors of the users. Generally, these green behaviors include less plastic usage, more public transportation usage, more cycling instead of using cars, less meat consumption, etc. The core of BGreen is to use Artificial Intelligence to recognize each of these behaviors. The application detects the users behaviors and gives them a score, based on how green they are. It is also motivated by social cognition theories to elicit internal and external courage.
For the sake of simplicity, as an MVP, we consider the first version of BGreen to be an application that can profile only the plastic bottle usage by recognizing them in the invoices. This model is based on Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and machine learning. If participants can reduce their plastic bottles, they will earn scores. Users can use their scores to get a discount from sustainable businesses. Scores and discounts are external motivations for the users. Besides, with the help of visualizations in the application, we can show users how powerful they are and elicit their inner courage. The MVP can be later extended to all mentioned green behaviors.




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Neshat Ahmadi

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