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A radical solution with transient effects at a normal speed is the dissemination of information. The current habits of information consumption and especially its dissemination, have placed in the magnifying glass its decarbonization, prevention and even its neutralization as a priority for a clean, cultural and transcendental life. In a first phase, taking the 1971 Gutenberg project, it can be innovated and 100 completed since its creation and its different stages until 1998 to date. With an investment now healthy and in alliance with all the actors involved, all together we can even generate the decarbonization of the same as well as generate a new current of thought causing new habits from each person to conclude globally. The reactivation of the digital reading, again would cause the avoidance of the felling of trees necessary for the neutralization of CO2 levels, thus preventing the accelerated and lacking vision of decarbonization since, if still planting, but now based on this proposal, obligatorily for all the actors, that we are practically all, thus improving the original proposal, infra-structure and budgets for the planting of a single blow of trees, since scrutinizing these proposals of leaders around the world and as a real need for the neutralization of the CO2, consciously we would avoid the transfer of the distribution of the trees themselves to be planted as well as of the people and in many cases soldiers that lead to a consumption and burning of fuels to perform this task, since there is not yet the radical initiative to use for example transfers in electric vehicles, and as I specify, redirect the budget for this task. This quite inclusive process seeks to empower and protect each of the actors, also increases the possibility of changes in habits generating a new circular economy based on new paradigms and beneficial to the environment.




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Isaac Mondragon

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