Capture CO2 and improve air quality at urban gas stations using contemporary technologies

Oil and gas retailers can use service stations to provide clean healthy air to its customers and cities enabled by technology.
The technology exists to capture CO2 in the form of a space-efficient City Tree as well as clean the city air in and around the site from fine particulates (ENS) coupled with indoor air purifier and oxygen generator. This suite of technologies can transform any retail site into a point for capturing CO2 and fine particulates thus providing a better, healthier customer experience, work environment and cleaner city air. The technologies that are needed for that include:
1. Urban NBS to absorb CO2 (example:
2. Urban solution for absorption of fine particulates (
3. Indoor air purifier for the shop/coffee area (multiple suppliers)
4. Oxygen generator (multiple suppliers)

Using the technologies 1-4 listed above any gas station can contribute to cleaner city air and the health of its employees, customers and local community.



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Lilia Petkova

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