Carbon-Free Careers: A Manifesto from UK students and Universities

A public Manifesto signed by student bodies and universities across the UK demanding viable, hard net-zero commitments both from their own universities and the companies that recruit within them.



I would initiate this SIP as the Outreach Director of the Oxford Climate Society, and look to collaborate with the Student Union, Oxford University Careers Service, and academics/administrators across Oxford.


Trigger (intervention)

Uniting students and universities across the UK to sign the Manifesto with the aim to announce it at pre-COP, followed by a series of high profile events, targeted media, and dissemination to key stakeholders (parliament, WEF, etc)



This SIP would unite complimentary but as yet unconnected actors and developments, including Oxford Careers Services recent introduction collecting recruiters net-zero information (this has received international interest), the OCS/SU Oxford Climate Action Plan, Although Student SIPS (Fridays for future, Greta) have been powerful, there remains a lack of unified University-level SIPs. The Manifesto would empower students to leverage their talents with the corporate sector to demand change, and build on momentum regarding corporate social responsibility at Davos WEF. Crucially, this SIP would present a way to ensure that such corporate responsibility and change are realised.


Feedback Dynamics

This SIP can be self-reinforcing. As students create demand for net-zero business models, businesses and organizations will increasingly prioritise these models and shift their recruitment strategies. In turn this will drive young people seeking education and employment to focus on those values, creating a generation of new climate leaders entering organizations.


Timescale and scaleability

This SIP can be swiftly implemented, and will ideally be presented at pre-COP 2020. It has strong scalable potential. The Manifesto can be adopted by students and universities world-wide. Importantly, it can and should be extended to schools, as not all those entering the workplace will go via university. This SIP therefore has the power to create a global movement for carbon-free careers.





Alice Evatt

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