Carbon transparency

Each organisation will be required to provide a carbon per person/ year account. For instance if you are studying history at St Johns College Oxford, the college/ university will be required to set out in its prospective what the anticipated Carbon emissions will be from each year of study. By contrast the person working 3miles away at the Mini plant will be provided with the emissions from their employment and the venture capitalist working at a business park will be provided with their account. All of this will go onto an accessible government website.

For this to work a series of assumptions would have to be made for any model ie Carbon/ mile for various types of transport, relating to the building or facility within which an individual operates. Carbon values for energy, raw materials, food stuffs etc will also be needed.

The basic idea behind this is for transparency and information to be provided so that individuals, businesss, shareholders, governments can see where carbon intensive usage is and through this information informed choices can be made. Eg Students can decide which University/ Course to study at given carbon emissions. Businesss and their shareholders can see the true carbon cost of travel etc. Individuals can put pressure upon organisations to reduce their carbon emissions in an informed and targeted way.




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