consumer strike

Trade unions built their negotiating power on their ability to withdraw labour from the industrial production system. That power has been well and truly destroyed now. The only power we have now is our power as Consumers. We are necessary to the functioning of the system we exist in now as consumers. and this is pretty much the only power we have. I dont have all the answers to how this can be organised. It will require complex organisation to protect small businesses that could be destroyed by a consumer strike - such as independent convenience stores for example. However I think it could have big bargaining power. We could, for example, refuse to shop in a supermarket until they agree to implement some of our demands.. Demands such as less packaging, replacing plastic with biodegradables, sourcing more food locally, creating a fleet of electric delivery vehicles, paying farmers fairly, and, of course, paying their own staff fairly.
It could be co-ordinated through a network of individuals using text, email and whats app, just sending out a message to our entire address book





Trigger (intervention)




Feedback Dynamics


Timescale and scaleability





Marilyn Collins

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