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Energy system models have shown the energy transition will consists of 3 main phases, the first phase will be energy efficiency, then renewables and finally fossil fuel switching will allow us to achieve net-zero GHG emissions. While all phases are vital, it is energy efficiency which is expected to have a significant impact in the early stages of the energy transition.
Water and space heating use the 79 of energy in the residential sector in Europe and from that 70 of energy is sourced from fossil fuels and the control of these devices is usually very simple. Installing a smart controller will increase the energy efficiency of a home. The cost of control systems is reducing, control systems are becoming more advanced and with climate change, the timing feels right. I propose a simple expandable control system with a touchscreen interface, Wi-Fi capability, the system will use wireless strap on temperature sensors, wireless thermostatic control valves, wireless room temperature sensors, on/off switching and therefore be relatively easy to install in existing houses. This control system will cost no more than half of the average energy bill, having a pay as you save scheme through government or possibly private bank would insure capital costs are not a barrier and expected payback is approximately 2.5 years.
I believe a sensitive intervention point is one were the public awareness is increased, buildings dont use energy, people do. But lets not risk the future of a habitable world on our awareness of climate change and responsibility to act, instead Im backing on economics, on peoples wiliness to save money. Having a control system in your house with information on money saved and GHG emissions avoided can be the catalyst to start the climate change talk and subsequently the energy transition.




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Jason Mc Guire

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