Cutting down on animal products



Media (Celebrities/entrepreneurs/ activists)


Trigger (intervention)

The most effective way to tackle climate change is to spread information. The documentary The Gamechangers on detrimental effects of meat eating on our health has impacted many people, and many huge celebrities that have a stunning influence on their audience. The promotion of a plant based diet via media and conversation is the solution to creating quick, yet effective changes. But this promotion must address all consequences of meat eating, not just the health related consequences. Philip Wollens ten minute speech at The Wheeler Centre is a good example; he addressed economic effects due to mass loss of water in producing meat, the high risks of disease, the immorality of killing animals, and the damaging effects on our environment, all in one powerful speech. However the video does not have nearly as many views as it needs to have to impact more people. We need more celebrities promoting speeches like his via social media, and making content and speeches about this issue themselves.



Now is the perfect time for entrepreneurs to create content, because veganism is on the rise, and therefore people would be more open-minded to change.


Feedback Dynamics

Even if people don't convert to a plant based diet, cutting meat from our diet by 50 would reduce our carbon footprint by 40. Furthermore, network effects would run on auto-pilot once the spread of information begins. Rather than governments forcefully banning meat, and leaving the population in a state of fury, spreading information via media is a more peaceful method, where people would be more willing to give up meat by choice


Timescale and scaleability

Celebrities are known well for their ability to influence mass proportions of people. After the release of The Gamechangers people started conversing instantaneously. It is also much easier for celebrities to promote plant based diets than governments, as it can be triggered much quicker. Governments require years of legislation for policies to be implemented, and our planet doesnt have enough time left.





Yaamir Khurana

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