dark blue, bright green (lets set the world alight)

Dark blue bright green. Lets set the world alight

Post carbon transition (PCT)? No idea. BUT I know someone who does. Lots of them. Many not realising their unique potential contribution. Some have: Governor, Bank of England (Economics, St Peters); Editor, Guardian (English, Pembroke); CEO, Royal Shakespeare Company (History, St Johns); Warden, Goldsmiths (Education, Kellogg). Intellectual diversity is what Oxford alumni have in spades. And this is what PCT needs: engineers, chemists, lawyers, bankers, politicians, artists, teachers, journalists, etc.

Alongside diversity PCT needs purposeful, well-positioned critical mass. There are 2-3,000 PCT people in Oxford University. But Oxford University is in 300,000 graduates, across 200-plus countries, with incredible reach.

Last months JP Morgan climate report was by an Oxford graduate. More than 300 graduates are at JPM, 1 in every 1,000 Oxford alum. But another 3,000 alum ie 1 in 100 are already PCT planet savers, from Oxfords School of Geography & Environment. You can double/triple this across the wider alum cohort (but they dont know each other). Catalysts!

The SIP trick is mobilising more of the cohort. Imagine this media headline: Oxford University asks graduates to save planet. With their brains - each realising their unique contribution.

How? [In Oxford speak] give them an essay crisis (urgency challenge), a reading list (tool box of updating insights) and let them know about each other. Create a dynamic network of networks, swapping ideas/experiences - across a creatively competitive matrix of locations, sectors and thematic solutions (plus a pinch of inter-college spice). No prescription. Purpose-driven 21stC Oxford PCT Society.

Last week Storm Greta was in Oxford, proclaiming the world is on fire. Dr James Martin had a special phrase for Oxfords strategic ability to respond to such challenges: the invention of invention. For PCT, he would see dark blue, bright green. Lets set the world alight. Then tell Cambridge. (In)Sensitive Intervention Point.



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Ian Curtis

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