Declaring a Household Environmental Emergency

On 1/1/2020 my family and I declared a Household Environmental Emergency. During 2020 we are examining how we live to check for sustainability. And then making changes to reduce our negative environmental impact.

We are just an ordinary family - there is me, my husband and my grown-up son. We have 2 cars and a motorbike. We are meat eaters but becoming more flexitarian. We all work full time and live in a large village but moving shortly to a town.

Over the past couple of years Ive taken part in Plastic Free July and have come to realise the extent of our plastic use. Just before Christmas 2019 I decided that we need to go further and review not just our plastic use but everything we do. How responsible are we (my family) responsible for damage to the environment and climate change? How much do we do because of habit rather than active choice? What changes are possible?

I am charting our progress to sustainability on a blog ( in order to encourage others to reflect on how they live.

There is so much talk and information about what the governments and businesses should do to stop climate change. That has a place. But I believe that individual action has more of a place. Every person and every household needs to change and want to change in order to reduce the environmental impact of our modern lifestyles.

If I won this competition, I would use the prize money to (1) boost my blog skills (I really need help!) so that I can effectively reach more people, and (2) have an expenses fund for investigating other household initiatives for sustainability.




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Sarah Taylor

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