Fix Wastage Through Mr. Timwoods and reduce emissions

One of the key contributors to the global carbon emissions is the demand and use of energy whether its for household, industrial production of goods and services, transportation or agricultural production.
The processes of production and consumption of food, goods and services are laden with inefficiencies and wastage that if addressed would reduce the emission of carbon dioxide by half its current amount. For example a third of all the food produced in the world for consumption never reach the consumers table. What this means is that there is a huge missed opportunity not only for food security and economies but for the planet in terms of the natural resources and raw materials in growing, processing, packaging, transportation and consumption. If wastage were a country, it would be the third largest emitter of GHGs in the world after China & USA.
Lets focus on these processes and shift to leaner production systems through what am calling TIMWOODs

Transportation: Eliminate back and forth handling and unnecessary movement of materials and work between points.

Inventory: Eliminate excessive work in progress, calls on hold and people waiting in line.

Motion: Do away with movement of material & people that adds no value like searching for paperwork, quotes and supplies.

Waiting: Stop sending materials from one department to wait for next processing to occur like queues - no value is added.

Over-Production: Stop producing more than is required or can be handled.

Over-processing: Unnecessary processing, or procedures (work carried out on the product / service which adds no value) often caused by bureaucracy.

Defects: Eliminate ineffective work practices that result in rework and poor quality goods and services.

Addressing losses and wastage in this way, at household, national, regional & global levels will substantially lower carbon intensity, lower energy intensity and half emissions.




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