Go Green

Around 92% of the world population is breathing polluted air, but still our contribution towards making our world a best place to live healthy is very less. I suggest below given ideas.
1.Awareness among citizens - which can be done in schools and colleges wherein parents would also participate, as we need to make people more conscious and responsible citizen. Schools and colleges is the right place as they will lead future generations to take care and act.

2. Green Construction - Commercials and residential should be covered with more green plants, i.e encourage green building construction

3. Green Transportation - Govt should turned petrol and diesel car into electric car with small changes and this can immediate make a huge difference without putting burden on citizen and most of the cars, two wheeler could be changed to electric in short period of time. Companies should arrange pick and drop for all employees compulsory and they would use electric buses so that we can has less traffic, less pollution and less vehicles running on the roads.

4. Solar buildings and solar houses - The govt must compulsory implement solar street light, solar schools, solar colleges, solar houses

5. Flyovers should go green - The space under flyover remains underutilized which can be converted into eco gardens by planting trees

6. Reward systems - The schools, colleges, cities, states, volunteers, individuals should be rewarded by either certificates, trophies or highlights names on websites, local newspapers or rewarding them with electric two wheeler if the contribution is major from their side.

7. Use Eco friendly products - Govt should ban plastics completely and encourage eco friendly products whether its paper, jute bags, pen, cups, plates, wooden toys. Even multiflex packaging industry should come out with biodegradable packaging





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Harsha Rastogi

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