HyPulJet Ezi H2

HyPulJet is a concept for a Hydrogen Combustion Internal Steam Turbine generator (scalable) x 3 UK Patent Application with 4th Application part draft. Concept is presently with Berlin Technical University who have agreed in principle to carry out initial modelling pending funding. Berlin appears to have the expertise and best placed to develop HyPulJet

Ezi H2 is a US developed Low-voltage Hydrogen production method which we intend to adapt to Hydrogen production Flow type system to meet the needs of the turbine

HyPulJet Ezi H2 will be a Zero Emissions Power Pack for new EVs and capable to retrofit to existing on the road Diesel/petrol IC engined vehicles with an electric transaxle. Allows better use of manufacturing carbon in these vehicles, where consumers will not be forced to trade in a No Value asset against a very expensive EVs. Would provide Zero Emissions to 100,000 miles and years to these vehicles.

Advantage is that HyPulJet Ezi H2 will not need £$ billions spent on infrastructure, Battery factories and increased Generating Capacity/Grid. Vehicles with HyPulJet Ezi H2 Power Trains will be readily available to countries without Grid or Gas network. (Also able to be used to provide electricity and H2 for Heating/cooking in remote areas etc)

The aim is to create a prototype/demonstrator EV to indicate that HyPulJet Ezi H2 will bring about Affordable Zero Emissions EV Proof of Concept will be a BMW i3 = two fold, a) easy adapt from Petrol Range Range Extender to Hydrogen Main generator with only a change of fuel cert. b) to show that in numbers the HyPulJet Ezi H2 BMW i3 will be the same price as the petrol version

Whilst HyPulJet Ezi H2 will bring about Affordable Zero Emissions EVs at all sizes and types it could also be adapted for use as Combined Heat and Power for Off Grid Houses, from this it can be seen that HyPulJet Limited will adopt an holistic approach to contract Auto Companies, E.AirPlanes making and Housing etc In this way there will be supercharged Roll Out of Zero Emissions for Transport and Residential properties.

HyPulJet Ezi H2 offers consumers Added Value which in the words of Steve Jobs is essential if a product is to be successful.

No doubt it causes changes to many systems and historical utilities and industries however it is a choice of stop CO2 emissions or pander to these companies who failed to address the issue for at least 20 years.




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C.Alvin Scott

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