INKOL Project (Ink from olive mill wastewater)

One of the environmental problems threating our country (Morocco) is the olive mill wastewater, which is considered the most phytotoxic organic waste, and consequently lead to water and agricultural soils deterioration. In addition, one of my skills and hobbies is Arabic calligraphy where we use Industrial Inks that contains chemicals. Therefore, with this innovative project, Im looking for producing natural Ink from olive mill wastewater and consequently valorisation of this product and creating my own project. With my scientific background, my knowledge and expertise in this field (materials, chemistry, organic waste, treatment) I reached the final objective, which is producing ink and painting product. I already tested this product in painting and calligraphy and the results were amazing and totally sustainable where the olive mill wastewater was used directly without any additives or chemicals. It simply consists of gathering olive mill wastewater from olive oil factories and fill it in to small bottles of 500 mL or 1L and it can be produced. The importance of this project comes from the danger of dumping huge quantities of this pollutant in to natural resources without any treatment of management strategy.




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Feedback Dynamics


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Tallou Anas

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