It is us that must action

The only possible way to save our planet is not through appealing to the politicians and decision-makers understanding of the gravity of the climate situation, but to our personal change of the way of living and enjoying our lives.
The truth is that we and our planet are here because of our desire of enjoying comfortable lives and making our existence as easy as never in the human past. It is this desire that puts profits in the big companies pockets and determines their strategies. When we will not support anymore this consumer mindset, they will be forced to change.
Imagine one simple example: a well-known company produces a device that helps communicate easier with each other, but for whose production it utilizes natural resources that by their extraction are polluting large regions of our earth. The device is very well sold, and we cannot imagine our lives without it. What if, we, the Consumers, decide that we can live without it? What will this mean for the big company? The company looks for profit, so if we dont buy it anymore, it will stop producing it, meaning the pollution will stop in the affected regions and it will look for other options that fit better the consumers wishes.
And this can be applied to everything. It might mean that our lives are not as comfortable as possible but imagine that suddenly all the big companies with impact on environment are losing at least half of their customers due to such decisions; what for an impact on their future strategies and business mindset this will be.
It will deliver the results that street protests have not brought so far. Waiting for others to solve the problems for us is as selfish as the action for the ones creating them.





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Steluta Vartosu

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