Just Tax Carbon

Just Tax Carbon” is a proposal to internalize greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through the tax system in a fair manner. It is called "just" for two main reasons.

The first reason is a reference to ""tax fairness and climate justice"". Traditional carbon taxes often raise questions in terms of inequality both within countries and among countries. At the domestic level, low income individuals and families are likely to suffer most from the adoption of a carbon tax on fuels. The yellow vest movement that took place in 2018-2019 in France symbolizes these concerns. At the international level, carbon taxes, and in particular border carbon taxes, might negatively affect the economy in developing countries. The Just Tax Carbon project proposes to respond to these concerns by means of an intelligent tax design. The introduction of carbon taxes should be linked to the adoption of support measures to facilitate the transition to a low carbon lifestyle for all. Moreover, a Green Fund should be established to support least developed and developing participating countries.

The second reason why the proposal is called “just” is a reference to ""just do it""! Though carbon taxation has been on the table for years, many countries remain reluctant to act. Thanks to the Just Tax Carbon proposal, countries will be encouraged to act. By just taxing GHG emissions, countries will support the transition to a climate neutral world by 2050.

The Just Tax Carbon proposal could act as a Sensitive Intervention Point by bringing a significant shift in the way citizens perceive carbon taxation. Carbon taxes should not lead to more inequality but, instead, help delivering just outcomes. In summary, the Just Carbon Tax proposal could help move towards a global green vest movement.





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