Let's voice our humanism

Three step process.

The first step would reconcile diverse and cogent views on how to solve societal issues into a comprehensive and consistent framework. To that goal, we would ideally mobilize the knowledge of numerous experts and make use of the best methods to collect, confront, structure and synthesize the researchers and experts personal views on policies that ought to be implemented. The various contributions could be submitted in a Wikipedia-like permanent website for political thinking, which would notably handle the compatibility between propositions and their rate of approval.

Students and universities around the World could mobilize to develop freely the website and gather the opinions of experts. This website would then be used to write collectively the report that will advise governments to take precise actions. An excerpt of the report would also be written, in the form of a manifesto.

Once the report completed, sketching an efficient, comprehensive and consensual way to tackle the big issues of humanity, the second step is to harvest as many signatures as possible, from scientists first, and then from all kinds of celebrities and organisations.

The third and decisive step of the process is to convince the boards of Facebook, Google, Wikipedia and the like to publish the manifesto and ask their users if they agree with it or not. Convince the boards of Facebook and Google to engage their community with such a political matter should not be insurmountable, as their heads are well-known philanthropists, and will likely understand the stake of this action as compared to inaction.

My guess is that the results of the poll would be a landslide in favor of the manifesto. I bet that this original and participatory media campaign will push governments to actually implement the manifesto, thanks to the social pressure. In any case, to achieve a sustainable development, a critical mass of humans must unite and engage to the point that this will foster a global civic movement and urge governments to take ambitious actions. In that sense, a massive media campaign is probably our only hope to spark global action.

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Adrien Fabre

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