Multi-source synthesis/non-linear dynamical systems through intergrating transport, planning and the built environment

SIP: Big things have small beginnings

Project 1: Cybernetic/Chemical/Biological systems/Bottom Up – Open/closed loops
• Situatedness through spraying on and/or existing surfaces applied with nano biological/chemical capillary adaptive cells with semiconducting membranes which can pull hydrogen (by photocatalyst mechanisms) from the water/moisture content in the atmosphere to produce and store thermal/electrical energy;
• Application at micro/macro scales from (individual houses, fixed dwellings/structures, public buildings, on(under)roads, vehicles, planes, vessels, and mega cities);
• Product is free and clean energy, subject to collective R&D technology and patent shared costs potentially lead by global investors.

Project 2: Causality – The Details – Open/closed loops – Conversion
• Additional benefit, also the pulling from the atmosphere any harmful and identified pollution, for example, the following classified toxic elements: Carbon monoxide, sulphur & and nitrogen sulphurs, inter alia, at ground level to skyscraper level using the same nano biological/chemical capillary adaptive cells, using their second function of removing pollutants (rather than conversion) by electrostatic precipitation through the cells self-awareness and reactivity, programmed in part by existing atmospheric data collected from around the world.

Project 3: Causality – Economic/Political investment/returns/sustainability
• Layering of positive global investment behaviours;
• Applying learning intercommunicative algorithms, to understand incremental and iterative energy usages and strategies;
• Reinvestment into developed/developing countries by private/corporate equity, rather than political state funded mechanisms.




Trigger (intervention)




Feedback Dynamics


Timescale and scaleability





Lee Knight

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