Many Companies have learning platforms that record their training and development requirements for their staff and some might even provide online content for their workers across a multitude of topics. All great stuff, but there is no mechanism for providing a joined up approach across one of the major issues facing all of us - climate change.

At Constructionarium, we realised that there is an opportunity to provide that joined up thinking across the whole of the Built Environment - whether you are a CEO, Site Operative or Graduate; whether you are a contractor, consultant, employed or self-employed; you need to start to think about construction differently and how your knowledge and decision making is affecting the delay in the industry becoming NetZero.

The free NetZeroHub will provide a curated mix of original material alongside approved resources in text, graphics, podcast and video - to suit preferred learning styles, help users understand the issues faced and what you can do about it, now. Users will be upskilled through a modular playlist format based on preferences, knowledge, behaviours and hot topics that are trending.

It is simply a fantastic new way to educate the industry as one - rather than in its component parts.





Trigger (intervention)




Feedback Dynamics


Timescale and scaleability





Julia Stevens

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