Open your big mouth: I am going to live and breathe!

The idea is to utilize the power of reaching out to one human being at a time to educate and outreach regardless of race color creed, socio Economic demographics and geography by using sicisl media, journalism the arts, theater music and ither arts to reach out, communicate and build consensus and grassroots change. Students needing community service hours, practicums it internships would be recruited to participate as well as seniors, the disability community and anyone interested willing to do something…say something and try something. As a recent FedUp fellow for the Center for Democracy, advovsting for change in the Federal reserve and monetary system , I know this is possible. Issues from promoting using non plastics in the household, to dealing with the oppiod, healthcare crisis, fracking dust and poverty in West Virginia; to smog and environmental hazards globally.tgere are many issues. At least this way the people choose, forget a consensus, that leafers,politicians, avarucious walk street and global money mongers cannot ignore it defeat. Just open your big mouth and share the info, spread the word and make the change happen.



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Angelyn L. Whitehurst

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