People and Planet Signpost for Shoppers

Many Manufacturers of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs) have improved their sustainability credentials, but currently have no internationally visible means of communicating this. Worldwide, 66 of consumers surveyed said they were willing to pay more for people and planet friendly products. Amongst generations Z and Millennials this rose to 72 and 73 respectively . It is highly likely that this will have increased as young people take the lead on the climate emergency.

Based on the Product of the Year format , already familiar to manufacturers of FMCGs, we seek to develop an award that will reward manufacturers who have produced planet friendly products judged on Life Cycle Analysis and additional criteria as agreed by international independent experts. In turn, the award logo will give consumers the signpost to purchase the most planet friendly product in each product category during their everyday shop, and may incentivise other manufacturers of FMCGs to decrease their social and/or environmental impacts through changing their production practices.

This idea, it is understood, fits the Sensitive Intervention Points criteria of:
Small changes (to individual buying habits), big impact, and encourage manufacturers to innovate due to uplift in sales and increased competition (in Product of the Year, winners increase sales by 10-15/annum)
System in use already, but to include more rigorous judging. Inexpensive to start and profitable within a year, allowing profits to be granted to support start up projects.
Auditing and how are companies going to get to net zero emissions? A report given to competitors following the judging each year will offer areas for improvements and is likely to act as a benchmark.
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Sally Bagenal.

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