Personal bottle: a must-have thing

Having a personal bottle is to prevent the COVID-19 virus spreading possibility. Furthermore, it is also a sensitive intervention point for the post-carbon transition.
Firstly, using personal bottle reduces single use plastic. Plastic industry is one of the largest and fastest-growing source of industrial greenhouse gas emissions. Almost plastic products are derived from fossil fuels. Hence, if each person uses his own bottle instead of a single use plastic cup when he buys a take-away drink, the amount of exploited fossil fuels is reduced significantly. Moreover, refusing single use plastic is one of the best ways to prevent taking microplastics in our body. The more health we have, the more chances we can protect our planet.
In my opinion, celebrities play a great role of spreading out the mindset personal bottle is the must-have thing. With their huge fandom, it will be easy to become a global campaign. A large number of fans tend to use the same belongings or brands with their admired people. So, the bottle brands or the environmentalists totally can contact with famous people to make this campaign become effective.
A bottle is not expensive, we can claim that the effect of celebrities in encouraging people to use personal bottle is very intense and possible. There is a fact that many fanbases around the world can even afford to adopt wild animals such as polar bears, Peruvian desert foxes, … under their idols names. There could be a challenge for fan to take photos of their own bottle, then upload them on social networking sites with hashtag #personalbottlemusthave. Celebrities will choose random fans to give gifts. This challenge should be held during 3 months after this idea is accepted, to make sure that people get used to have bottle as a personal belonging like toothbrush.





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Hien DO

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