policies that support enviromentally friendly industries

The important role of policy makers both state and non-state, such as non-profit organizations and also international stakeholders in providing financial schemes for the development of a green economy is highly expected, especially in the industry and renewable energy technologies, such as in 2019 at the emission gap (UNEP) and also the Climate conference led by the UN all strive to fulfill the objectives of the paris agreement and the ultimate goal is to stabilize the rise in global temperatures at 1.5C.





Trigger (intervention)

From a number of previous agreements such as the Kyoto protocol to the Paris agreement have not shown significant progress even though there have been many agreements between developed and developing countries, where there are still many countries that rely on fossil energy and have not switched to renewable energy, even from several conferences for 3 years the latter is always deadlocked, moreover US said it dropped out of the paris agreement last year.



There are still many alignments of several countries towards companies that pollute the environment, there is no penalty or strict policies against companies that damage the environment which causes an increase in carbon emissions each year.


Feedback Dynamics

Allocating capital to renewable energy investments such as geothermal power plants, and also the electric vehicle industry must continue to be developed, in the form of incentives for environmentally friendly industries in the form of tax reductions, or capital assistance.


Timescale and scaleability

Drastically switching to renewable energy will cause new economic problems, so that the right solution also needs to be applied by utilizing trained and reliable human resources by researching renewable energy sources, so that economic growth from the renewable energy sector can replace economic growth from the fossil energy sector.





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