Regional Climate Magazine

The idea is for a regional climate magazine which promotes behaviour change, participation and explores objectively climate science. It will specifically focus on a region or city and content will be primarily from within the community, with contributions from local academics, government and students of all ages. This participatory periodical will address the science behind climate change; critically analysing the headlines in what can be a convoluted and contested topic. It also offers realistic suggestions to reducing carbon footprints within a specific location which has the potential to be far more precise and relevant than countrywide measures. Initially it will be a monthly digital periodical based in Edinburgh.

Sections will include explaining in layman’s terms hard to digest climate reports such as those from the IPCC and the Committee on Climate Change, with emphasis on what that means to the region. It will look at regional projects and policies that mitigate or adapt to climate change and how that is likely to affect the community and landscape. Local schools will be offered the opportunity to contribute, whether to publicise a project they have been working on or to display students work. It will offer sustainable living tips within the community such as where to buy local produce, low carbon tourism and where to eat and drink whilst minimising impact. A culture section will have reader submitted reviews of books and films across a broad spectrum of environmental topics. Each edition will conclude with an interview with local government or academics. Future editions will also answer readers questions, particularly addressing scepticism.

The hope is that participation across the community will enhance positive behavioural change whilst also giving a legitimate platform to engage with government.




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Matthew Gledhill

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