Replacing conventional civil products with olivine.

Replacing conventional civil products with olivine gives the same functionality with additional CO2 storage (over de life-time of application).
In the Netherlands quite some sand/pebbles are used which could easily be replaced with olivine. And fulfilling the same functionality and additionally CO2 sequestration.
I.e. next to a new railway track is always a meter wide inspection path installed. This is created with olivine instead of the conventional material. So it achieves the same functionality (prevention of grass, water drainage, inspection) and additionally over the lifetime of the railway (30 years) CO2 sequestration.
More of these kind of replacements are possible: walking paths in gardens, parking spaces etc.
This replacement is a rather cheap way of sequestering CO2, but limited to the amount of material to be replaced. And the particle size determines the speed of the CO2 uptake. On the other hand these kind of applications are alway multiple years. And they serve to lower the logistic costs of olivine. So in due time more applications are possible.



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Pol Knops

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