Sustainabubbles- a Party Plan for the Planet.

It might not sound like much. A Tupperware party- but instead of selling guests unwanted plastic, our guests are offered solutions to cut their climate impact. Green energy, energy saving devices, eco showers, sustainable food, solar panel quotes vouchers for electric cars. By making these no brainer wins easy, we cut carbon emissions remarkably effectively in one evening.
But cutting carbon is, in a way, the smallest part of it. At the party we show film clips showing what is happening in the environment and we play a Play your carbon right game. Guests learn the severity of the crisis whilst laughing over a glass of fizz, and crucially buy a stake in it by buying something as small as an eco-shower.
We are set up to spread in a viral manner. The income from the sales and referral fees provides an income for our Carbon Coaches who run the parties. Our guests volunteer to host their own parties, and often to become carbon coaches themselves. By adding an income and viral structure to what is essentially an education and carbon cutting programme, we are already getting more and more people involved and running parites.
The time is right. People are desperate to do something, and hosting a party, or attending a party is a very accessible way to play a role in what is happening. We celebrate the carbon reductions of our guests. We are non-judgemental (we all have an impact) non political (if anything unites us its the desire to look after our kids) and we only offer solutions which have a co-benefit to our guests. We have the potential to engage people by bringing tribes together. We all need help to save the world. Lets come together at a party to do it..



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Bridget Appleby

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