Two way recycling location information app - for providers and consumers.

Consumerism has a huge carbon impact; recycling can reduce this. People want to recycle but dont always know where, causing amounts of huge waste and unnecessary production from new resources. By effectively providing information on recycling locations to recyclers conveniently this could be turned around quickly.
I propose a global app that has the locations of (all) recycling bins/locations with information fed back to governments/companies to highlight/inform on demand for recycling provisions. Information could be added by councils or the apps management, but also by members of the public. One could search (by word or photo of recycling symbols) for where an item can be recycled near their current location or various places that they frequent.
Features that could be added include locations with incentives for recycling, donation banks for reuse, the best en-route recycling location for an item, locations you can refill instead of recycle packaging of specific items, pick up days for local bins and notifications from other users when bins are full, and ways of finding locals willing to share space in their composting bins etc.
Crucially the app should feedback to governments/councils: search data could inform where best to put new recycling facilities, and people could request/petition for new facilities. Companies could allow petitions from (verified) locals on refillables or requested packaging changes. This could produce a positive feedback loop on availability of recycling facilities and their uptake.
Even better would be integration of this idea into commonly used apps like Google/Apple maps, if the companies could be influenced to do this in a user-friendly way, as their reach may be greater than an app people must separately download. If implemented, this idea needs to be strongly advertised, which takes substantial funding or backing, or made automatically available to people in an app they already have.




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Lou Parkes

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