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First launched back in 2007 the Centre for Alternative Technologys Zero Carbon Britain research and communications work actually brings to life a possible net-zero future - to catalyse the positive feedbacks needed. Climate change is a wicked problem, so we offer a wicked SIP solution by amalgamating the very latest science and technology, regularly updating our detailed research in the key areas buildings, transport, energy, hourly modelling of highly variable energy supply and demand, shifts in diets, land-use and, of course, culture. Over the past 12 years, our work clearly demonstrates that humanity can do this using existing technology, without relying on unproven future fixes. Zero Carbon Britain: Rising to the Climate Emergency is our latest report which explores how we can achieve what is necessary, it provides the positive and technically feasible future scenario needed to stimulate debate, build inter-disciplinary research, foster all-party political commitment and catalyse action across all parts of society. Through this project, we have built a proven track record with arts, politicians, local councils, active citizens, business and many other groups working to enable contemporary society to embrace the positive feedbacks required to rise to the climate emergency. This work shows humanity can meet the scale and speed of change required - bringing to life the multi-solving positive feedback effects on society, the environment and the economy.

This new report is essential reading for politicians, business leaders and anyone interested in developing effective solutions to the climate emergency. Importantly, it comes at a time when grassroots pressure has opened up space for honest politicians to play their part in instigating a low-carbon revolution. With the CAT report as a guide, we can yet bequeath our children, future generations, and other species a sustainable and prosperous future.
Kevin Anderson, Professor of Energy and Climate Change




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